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Welcome. It's Elizabeth Richardson here. I am the leading CELEBRITY WEBSITE DESIGNER and ONLINE MAKEOVER specialist in Australia, spending most of my time on the glorious Gold Coast collaborating with actors, professional speakers, musicians, models, authors, celebrities and those who are positively reaching for bigger and better things. My forte is making your online presence shine, so you can take it easier, have a lot more fun and reach your dreams in the quickest possible time. Building successful lead pages, product photography, social media setup, event coordinating, book publishing, inspirational coaching and writing snappy articles are my specialty. I love to take one or two clients per year with outrageous ideals and help make their dreams come true! Are YOU READY to SHINE? ~ ER

  • Let's Get Your Career On Track

  • Create A Striking Online Presence

  • Add Some Professional Photos

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  • Fast Forward To Your Dreams

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List Of All Services

I only ever do the work that I really love to do, so when I focus on a task, I give it my heart and soul. ~ ER


This will give you an idea of the service options available and approximate costs of having a website professionally constructed. ~ ER

  • Business
    $1500 upfront payment
    2 - 3 days
  • Professional
    $3000 upfront and on completion
    1 - 2 weeks
  • Online Shop
    $5000 progressive payments
    1 - 2 months
  • Makeover
    $10,000 per month
    based on your needs


Successful web design, exciting advertising campaigns and the fabulous pro photography work I get to be involved in. ~ ER

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Unsolicited Testimonials

Here's what some of my website, photography and advertising clients had to say. ~ ER

"Elizabeth is such a gift to have not only in my business but in my personal life too! She adds so much value to everyone around her. Her initiative and the quality of her work is gold! She is the person that every business and entrepreneur needs behind in order to succeed! She’s self driven and focused on the task infront! She is a FANTASTIC writer and an amazing photographer too!! Such a blessing to have found her."
- Sandra Bravo (professional speaker)

"Elizabeth has come up with some real magic that I didn’t even know was possible. She’s made a big difference to the quality of my business, shows great attention to detail and settles for nothing less than the very best. Having her on my team is priceless. She is my producer, editor, director, writer, creative genius and so much more."
- Stephen J. Kosmyna (entrepreneur)

"O MY GOD!!!! That is SO GOOD, I physically laughed with excitement. Wow man, you’re EXCELLENT. It's with deep gratitude that I thank you for your modest price. That site’s worth way more. THANK YOU. As you can kinda tell, I’m seriously impressed Elizabeth. I really wanted to do business with you cos I had a gut feeling. Great vibe … and you've far exceeded my expectations. "
- Paul Sykes (musician)

"I LOVE my website. It looks amazing!! … The product photos are beautiful. Thank you for staying on task and getting us up and running in such a short time. Well done for making my new enterprise a sure success. I cannot thank you enough."
- Nerelle Loader (beauty salon)

"OH MY!!! I just kept scrolling down and down ... and ... no words ... seriously buzzing all over. You mined all those pictures off my Facebook! I'm glad I didn't tell you what to do because I never would have come up with that! The music packages ... Got 2 sales within the first few hours ... Just goes to show, that when I focus on doing what I love I can leave the rest to the universe ... the most amazing website I have ever seen!!!"
- Tim McGinnis (song writer)

"Thank you for believing in me and taking this job. Other people are loving your work and I love it too. The pictures are awesome. The article you did about Doris is brilliant. I'm making an appointment to get the next video done too! How grateful this man is."
- Tye Blyth (personal trainer)

"WOW! You got it done overnight. I think it's amazing. Thank you. Send me the invoice. You're the best at this! What more can I say, except now I want you to set up my adwords campaign and work on some videos too if that's OK."
- Lyndon Richardson (ljr plumbing contractors)

"Wow this is awesome … you are just so wonderful and we appreciate your time!!! Thank you. Thank you, we love it. Have a lovely weekend … you made ours!"
- Wes and Trish Joyce (lalshaven warmbloods)

"Hi Elizabeth, you are being praised for the fantastic website. We are receiving numerous comments how great it looks and how easy to find things. It is certainly providing the results intended. We are receiving orders like we have never seen before, instant purchasing! If you were close by we would take you out for dinner, it will wait until you come over one day, serious!"
- Peter and Maureen Byl (organature)

"Thank you for the exemplary job you have accomplished. You have certainly shown me my own property in a different light…you have a way of making everyday things look beautiful!"
- Linda Brough (romantic cottage getaway)

Featured Publications

I've had great experience, fun and success self publishing 8 books including the International Best Seller 500 Confessions. ~ ER

Advice For A Happy Life – FREE
Leading a Relationship into the LIGHT – free
WHAT IF … You Set Yourself FREE?
500 Confessions BOOK 2 – PRINT EDITION
500 Confessions BOOK 2 – KINDLE
READING A BOOK ON THE BEACH ... None other than 500 Confessions Book 2. What a hoot…
Leading Myself Into The Light – free
Tips To Make Life Easier – NEW EDITION

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Feel free to send a message. I'd love to talk with you. ~ ER

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